Design issues for smart seismic isolation of structures: past and recent research
  • Ottavia Corbi*, Alessandro Baratta, Ileana Corbi, Francesca Tropeano and Eugenio Liccardo
Sustainable Structures   Vol.1,No.1,2021  DOI:10.54113/j.sust.2021.000001  Online published:2021-8-1
The paper focuses on a number of original researches developed by the authors concerned with the development of new design approaches for smart base isolation systems for structures. Base Isolation (BI) systems represent the first kind of control devices applied to civil structures. In the paper, advancement in technology is exploited in this field, allowing to conceive new BI typologies possibly based on the adoption of special smart materials or on the coupling of the basic passive device with additional corrective devices, in such a way to minimize the disadvantages deriving from the simply passive system.Illustrated procedures also embed in the design pattern of base-isolation systems the interaction effects between structure and soil in order to provide the best tuning of the isolation parameters and to get the maximum performance of the devices, finally summarizing a number of original approaches to design under passive, semi-active and hybrid modes.
Seismic Isolation; damping; stiffness; design