Review on mechanical behavior of solar cells for building integrated photovoltaics
  • Xinmiao Meng*, Daobo Zhang, Peng Feng* , Nan Hu
Sustainable Structures   Vol.1,No.2,2021  DOI:10.54113/j.sust.2021.000009  Online published:2021-12-1
The energy crisis and environmental pollution have promoted the rapid development of renewable solar technology. Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is an important field for the future development of solar energy. This review presents the mechanical property studies of existing BIPV and analyzes its research status to offer advice for engineering applications. By analyzing the types and mechanical characteristics of solar cells in the existing BIPV and determining the load conditions that need to be considered in different application modes, this paper summarizes the relevant existing studies at the photovoltaic material, cell and component levels and offers corresponding suggestions for mechanical research, which consequently results in the proposal of a new BIPV structure. Since the mechanical properties of BIPV have seldom been studied, and research on practical engineering applications is lacking, further comprehensive and in-depth research is needed to promote the safe and reliable application and popularization of photovoltaic building integration.
Building integrated photovoltaics; mechanical properties; solar cells; FRP sandwich panel