Structural design and construction of an office building with laminated bamboo lumber
  • Jingwen Su, Haitao Li*, Zhenhua Xiong, Rodolfo Lorenzo
Sustainable Structures   Vol.1,No.2,2021  DOI:10.54113/j.sust.2021.000010  Online published:2021-12-1
With so many advantages such as environmental friendliness, fast-growing, high strength-to-weight ratio, sustainability, and the capability of being reused or recycled, bamboo structures has gained more and more attention for scientists. This paper shows the feasibility of the design of an office building using laminated bamboo lumbers in compliance with the Chinese standards as GB50009-2012, GB50011-2010, GB50016-2014, and GB 50005-2017. Detailed information about the materials and building were offered. A lot of related construction photos were offered to show the building process. This case is a very good application example for laminated bamboo lumber buildings and has attracted many engineers’ attention in industrial field. Laminated bamboo lumber structures should have a bright future. It should become one main structure form in civil engineering area. However, due to none existing engineered bamboo structures design standard now, engineers have to take reference to standards for timber structures. Setting up the standard system is very important for engineered bamboo structures’ application. Through more and more scientists’ hard working, it might be not a long way to build the code system.
laminated bamboo lumber; office building; design; construction