Mechanical behavior analysis of LEM-infilled cold-formed steel walls
  • Wanqian Wang, Jingfeng Wang*, Lei Guo
Sustainable Structures   Vol.2,No.1,2022  DOI:10.54113/j.sust.2022.000013  Online published:2022-6-1
The sustainable development of the engineering structures mainly depends on the environmental- friendly to structural components. This requires the development of sustainable and new materials and structures that would be a worthy alternative for the available. This paper proposed a novel type of cold-formed steel (CFS) shear wall which filling light EPS mortars (LEM) into the space of CFS framing. LEM-infilled CFS walls carry forward the merits of traditional CFS wall, for example lightweight, easy installation, superior earthquake resistance and efficient energy saving. Moreover, employing recycled desulfurization gypsum and EPS in the structural materials reduce environmental pollution. However, the behavior of LEM-infilled CFS wall is not fully explored yet, which results in the low understanding and application of the material around the world. Based on this background, a review of mechanical response tests will contribute to a better awareness. In this paper, three types of mechanical behaviours are discussed including axial compressive behaviour, out-of-plane flexural behaviour, and cyclic behaviour. The previous researches on the mechanical performance of LEM-infilled CFS walls were reviewed. And the typical failure patterns and general results were described and discussed. This work will provide an excellent reference to current practice and future exploration.
LEM-infilled CFS wall; mechanical behaviour; axial compressive test; out-of-plane flexural test; cyclic test