A review of tiny houses in North America: Market demand
  • Daiyuan Zhang, Meng Gong* , Sujun Zhang , Xudong Zhu
Sustainable Structures   Vol.2,No.1,2022  DOI:10.54113/j.sust.2022.000012  Online published:2022-6-1
The history, status quo, and prospect of tiny houses in North America were reviewed. The market demand for tiny houses in North America was analyzed according to the needs in various market segments, such as shelters for low-income and homeless people, recreational housing for vacationers, and the restoration and reconstruction after disasters. This study also discussed timber framed tiny housing communities for retirees, tourism companies offering timber framed tiny housing accommodation, and government-sponsored timber framed tiny housing projects for post-disaster reconstruction. Throughout years of promotion by tiny house enthusiasts, medium advocators, and construction practitioners, more and more people have come to realize the advantages of timber framed tiny houses, such as energy conservation, low carbon footprint, and sustainable development. In summary, the market for timber framed tiny house in North America is in a stage of rapid development, showing a bright future.
Tiny houses; North America; timber framed; market demand