Congratulations on the first issue for Sustainable Structures (SUST)


With the hard work of all members, issue 1 appeared before us! Congratulations!

There are five papers for issue 1. The topics covered four main sustainable structures such as steel structures, earth structures, bamboo structures and wood structures. If you want to know the detailed information about the papers, please download them from the journal homepage.


[1]     Ottavia Corbi, Alessandro Baratta, Ileana Corbi, Francesca Tropeano, Eugenio Liccardo. Design issues for smart seismic isolation of structures: past and recent research [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000001

[2]     Mahmud Ashraf, Mohammad Jobaer Hasan, Safat Al-Deen. Semi-rigid behaviour of stainless steel beam-to-column bolted connections [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000002

[3]     Ruifeng Liang, Daniel Stanislawski, Gangarao Hota. Material characterization and structural response under earthquake loads of hakka rammed earth building [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000003

[4]     Assima Dauletbek, Haitao Li, Zhenhua Xiong, Rodolfo Lorenzo. A review of mechanical behavior of structural laminated bamboo lumber [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000004

[5]     Yuhao Zhou, Yujie Huang, Usama Sayed, Zheng Wang. Research on dynamic characteristics test of wooden floor structure for gymnasium [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000005

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