Papers list for Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021 of SUST




[1]     Ottavia Corbi, Alessandro Baratta, Ileana Corbi, Francesca Tropeano, Eugenio Liccardo. Design issues for smart seismic isolation of structures: past and recent research [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000001

[2]     Mahmud Ashraf, Mohammad Jobaer Hasan, Safat Al-Deen. Semi-rigid behaviour of stainless steel beam-to-column bolted connections [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000002

[3]     Ruifeng Liang, Daniel Stanislawski, Gangarao Hota. Material characterization and structural response under earthquake loads of hakka rammed earth building [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000003

[4]     Assima Dauletbek, Haitao Li, Zhenhua Xiong, Rodolfo Lorenzo. A review of mechanical behavior of structural laminated bamboo lumber [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000004

[5]     Yuhao Zhou, Yujie Huang, Usama Sayed, Zheng Wang. Research on dynamic characteristics test of wooden floor structure for gymnasium [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(1): 000005


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