Papers list for Volume 1, Issue 2, 2021 of SUST



[1]     Jianzhuang Xiao, Haoran Liu, Tao Ding, Guowei Ma. 3D printed concrete components and structures: an overview [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(2): 000006.

[2]     Felice Carlo Ponzo, Di Cesare Antonio, Lamarucciola Nicla, Domenico Nigro. Experimental estimation of energy dissipated by multistorey post-tensioned timber framed buildings with anti-seismic dissipative devices [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(2): 000007.

[3]     Ruifeng Liang, Gangarao Hota. Development and evaluation of load-bearing fiber reinforced polymer composite panel systems with tongue and groove joints [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(2): 000008.

[4]     Xinmiao Meng, Daobo Zhang, Peng Feng, Nan Hu. Review on mechanical behavior of solar cells for building integrated photovoltaics [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(2): 000009.

[5]     Jingwen Su, Haitao Li, Zhenhua Xiong, Rodolfo Lorenzo. Structural design and construction of an office building with laminated bamboo lumber [J]. Sustainable Structures. 2021, 1(2): 000010.


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