Recruitment of Junior editorial board members


Sustainable Structures (SUST) is an interdisciplinary journal publishing original research covering all aspects of sustainable structures. The first Junior Editorial Board for SUST will be set up in 2022. With the support of all, SUST will try its best to build an excellent and famous academic platform for young scientists. Welcome to join the team!

Basic requirements

► Your research within the scope of the journal is required;

► The candidate’s H index higher than 10 or more than 5 Q1 journal papers as the first or corresponding author is preferred;

► The candidate who has published papers in SUST as the first or corresponding author (including acceptance and under review) is preferred;

► Have a good academic reputation and have been actively working towards establishing research collaborations at home and abroad;

► The candidate will promote the journal whenever possible。

Rights and obligations

► Release your information and research achievements in the journal website or wechat public account;

► Have the right to be the guest editor and the priority to publish papers passed the review stage;

► Promote the journal whenever possible;

► Contribute at least one high quality paper to SUST in the tenure;

► Invite and review papers for SUST;

► Actively engage in the academic activities of the journal.

Tenure: 2 years

         Evaluation: Excellent members will be recruited again or selected as the long-term editorial board member with priority.
         Application way: Please fill the application form and send the email to with the file name format of “Institution + name + research field”. The application form could be dowbloaded from the wechat public account.

Deadline: June 1st, 2022

         Process: CV review → Selection Announcement Certificate