Structural analysis of a Guadua bamboo bridge in Colombia
  • Mario Alejandro Méndez Quintero, Caori Patricia Takeuchi Tam, Haitao Li
Sustainable Structures   Vol.2,No.2,2022  DOI:10.54113/j.sust.2022.000020  Online published:2022-12-1
In recent years, scientists have focused their attention in developing sustainable materials that can boost the construction industry without causing damage to the environment. In South and Central American forests grows a tropical species of bamboo known as guadua angustifolia Kunth, which has been widely used for construction purposes since ancient times. Offering advantages such as: environmental friendliness, fast-growing and high strength-to-weight ratio. This paper analyzes the structural behavior of an existing multi-culm guadua bamboo truss type footbridge located in Colombia, according to national regulations NSR-10. A model of the structure is implemented using a commercial finite element software, details for an accurate description of the structure’s behavior through the proposed model are offered. Furthermore, an exhaustive description of the structure’s load transfer and its materials mechanical properties is performed, as well as a review on connections and immunization process. Finally, improvement opportunities for the building codes used for the analysis and investigation opportunities are identified. The purpose of this paper is stepping into the right direction thus, one day guadua angustifolia Kunth and bamboo in general can be fully exploited in the construction industry.
Sustainable materials; Guadua angustifolia Kunth; structural behavior; truss type footbridge